from Tales of Nokomis by Patronella Johnson. This is a story of the Objiway people on Manitoulin Island. Image by ADGC from Pixabay

Story by C. J. Taylor. Image by Andrea Bohl from Pixabay.


Listen to this story about four men who were given wishes. Then take a piece of paper and fold it twice so that you have 4 quarters. Draw 4 things: a wish for yourself that might not be good for you (but it would be fun); a wish for yourself that would be good for you; a wish that would make you stronger or safer, and a wish you would make that would help other people.

This story is called Jit-Ga-Rohn-Doh. I adapted it from a Mohawk story told by Alma Greene that I read more than 20 years ago. 

Would you like to draw your own sleeping fox? I found some good instructions here.

In the story, Vasilisa has a doll that listens to her and encourages her. It even does some magic for her. Pick a doll, stuffed animal or pet that you really have, and write a story about how they help you when you are scared or lonely. Think about how you could look after them to show them that you love them too.

After listening, you could make an anklet out of beads on a string or paper rings. Or  draw a crested dove like the one in the story. Here's a link that will help you know what it looks like. 

Image of anklet by Steven Yu, Pixabay.

The best story activity of all is to learn a story and tell it to someone else. Here are two little stories. Draw pictures to help you remember them. Then tell them to someone else. That's how stories grow.

The Mouse Princess

Here's a story I really love about a princess who becomes a mouse who becomes a queen. There was a problem with the recording, so we won't get to visit our gardens, but you can make a great mouse-shaped book using this video I made for you.

Discover how one small baby defeated a powerful, magic warrior. And then use this link to make an 8 page mini book and draw or write your own story about a baby who won't do what it's told.

Listen to the story and visit your garden to play like a monkey. Then write or draw the story of what you imagined. Or visit this link for a cool monkey craft.

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